At McGrath Funerals, we have years of experience in creating simple, yet beautiful farewells that celebrate and honour life without fuss or complexity.  Our Care Packages are simple in structure, allowing for limited variation, and are designed to enable you to arrange or prearrange a simple, safe and supportive service online in the privacy of your home, or personally with our team. 

You will appreciate our clear, disclosed pricing, and of course, if you would prefer to plan something outside the scope of these packages we can do that too. 

When you feel ready to talk, we invite you to phone or meet with us and allow us to support you every step of the way as you make choices that are right for you and your loved ones.

We also offer independent financial assistance through provider, Now Finance, should this be required.



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Transfer your loved one into our care at any hour of any day* blue_check-1 pink_check green_check
Prepare and lodge all necessary documentation and apply for a certified copy of the death certificate blue_check-1 pink_check green_check
Take care of cremation and permit fees blue_check-1 pink_check green_check
Provide a simple coffin of standard dimensions* blue_check-1 pink_check green_check
Arrange a private viewing in the McGrath Funeral Home* blue_check-1 pink_check green_check
Arrange a single venue service at graveside or crematorium chapel, or complete at a venue of your choice (venue fees may apply)   pink_check green_check
Compile and place a death or funeral notice on the website blue_check-1 pink_check green_check
Arrange and print professional service sheets for the service*     green_check
Arrange a celebrant or clergy to officiate the ceremony     green_check
Supply an arrangement of flowers to place on the coffin     green_check
Create a professional Photographic DVD Tribute*     green_check
Provide 24 hour advice and support blue_check-1 pink_check green_check
Package Price $4,485 $6,795 $7,985

Please understand that the prices above include cremation fees. If burial is preferred, a price adjustment can be simply made.

*Please read these offerings in conjunction with ‘Service Clarifications’ below.

Service Clarifications

Our packages include:

  • The transfer of your loved one into our care from within the Toowoomba Region at any hour of any day. (Travel outside of the Toowoomba Region will incur additional costs.)
  • The cost of a simple coffin of standard dimensions (dimensions up to 1900 mm long and 550 mm wide are regarded as standard, beyond these will incur additional costs.)
  • The preparation and lodging of all necessary documentation and application for a certified copy of the death certificate.
  • Professional mortuary care and dressing of your loved one.
  • A private viewing opportunity will be available during office hours Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.
  • The payment of cremation and permit fees. (If burial is preferred, a price adjustment can be made.)
  • Packages including service sheets (up to 100 colour copies, A5, 4 pages) and a Photographic DVD Tribute (up to 30 photos) will be professionally prepared and supplied where families are able to provide necessary images, music, and text at the arrangement consultation or electronically 48 hours prior to the funeral.
  • Funeral timings will be made during normal cemetery and crematoria trading hours Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.
  • Full payment of funeral costs shall be made prior to the funeral, Mastercard and Visa accepted. Funeral finance available.

The McGrath Funeral Care Packages have been created unashamedly to minimise cost. The Care Packages are simple in structure and allow for the efficient use of personnel to achieve significant financial savings for you. Professional standards and dignity are guaranteed at all times.

All these packages can be customised for a Traditional Service.